Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Photo Gallery - Zoe Tay (Zheng Hui Yu)

Welcome to Zoe Tay's (Zheng Hui Yu) photo gallery page! :) You can submit photos to this page too! Just send them in to sgdramatites@gmail.com. Please read the photo gallery page for more details.

A little about Zoe Tay:
- D.O.B: 10 January 1968
Considered as the Queen (Ah jie) of Caldecott Hill.
- She became a model at 16.
- Zoe didn't love acting at first! But in 1991, she was given a role in Crime and Passion as a simple village girl who was torn between two men. It was through this role that she found herself appreciating the life of an actress. 
- Her first movie role was in the film Liang Po Po directed by Jack Neo.
Well known for her charitable persona, Zoe was conferred the Singapore ambassador for World Vision from 2001-2003.

- The first television programme that she acted in was My Fair Ladies (as Fu Guihua) (窈窕淑女) in 1988
- Her most recent television drama serial is Devotion (阿娣), currently showing on Channel 8 at 9pm daily. 
- She acted in a total of 3 films: in 1999, Liang Po Po  (梁婆婆重出江湖), in 2001: The Tree (孩子树) and in 2010: 割爱

- Her first award was the Model of The Year in 1987
- She was the Star Search Champion in 1988.
- In 2004, she became the first female artiste to receive the Star Awards All-Time Favourite Artiste Award, an award only given to artistes who have held the Top 10 Most Popular Artiste position for 10 years!
- She won a total of 4 awards in the Star Awards 25th Anniversary Show in 2007. 

  • 1990's Generation Screen Sweetheart Award
  • Top 5 Most Memorable Roles in 25 Years of TV Award for role of Bobo in Pretty Faces
  • Top 5 Favourite On-Screen Partners in 25 Years of TV Award for role with actor Li Nan Xing in The Unbeatables, and 
  • Top 5 Best Classic Scenes Award together with Alex Man and Fann Wong for scene in the Golden Pillow)


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